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  Answer common questions that attendees might have about the antique market.


Questions from Customers:


  •    What types of antiques are available at the market?

          The market features a diverse range of antiques, including furniture, art, jewelry, vintage clothing, and collectibles.


  • Is there an entry fee, and how can I purchase tickets?

       No,  it is free. 


  • Are pets allowed at the antique market?

       While we appreciate your love for pets, for the safety and comfort of all attendees, we kindly ask that you leave your furry friends at home.

  • Is parking available, and what are the options?

       Yes, parking is available. 


  • Are credit cards accepted, or is it a cash-only event?

       Exhibitors may have varying payment policies. While some accept credit cards, it's advisable to bring cash as some may prefer this method.


  • Is there an ATM on-site?

       Yes, we will have ATMs and banks onsite conveniently located throughout the market for your convenience.


Questions from Exhibitors:


  • How do I apply for a booth at the antique market?


      You can apply for a booth through this website. Visit the “contact us " section for the application form and details and we will contact you within three business days. 


  • What are the booth fees, and what do they include?

       Booth fees vary based on size and location. The fees typically cover the booth space and promotional materials, please contact us and we will provide you with details information. 


  •  Is electricity provided for booths requiring power?

        Yes, electricity is available for booths requiring power.


  • Can I share a booth with another exhibitor?

        Yes, booth sharing is allowed. Both exhibitors must submit separate applications before sharing a booth.


  •  Are there restrictions on the types of antiques I can sell?

        While we encourage diversity, certain restrictions may apply.


  • How are booth locations assigned?

       Booth locations are assigned based on various factors, including the type of antiques being exhibited and the date of booth reservation.


  • Are there opportunities for exhibitors to promote their booths before the event?

       Yes, we provide marketing support for exhibitors, including news on our website, social media platforms and other promotion papers. 


  • What amenities are provided for exhibitors during the event?

       Exhibitors have access to amenities such as rest areas and restrooms.

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